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RSVP to thegoatrsvp@gmail.com if you plan to attend.


Please RSVP to jenny.collins@mac.com if you plan to attend…

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Announcing GOAT 2012

GOAT represents an annual gathering of leading artists, athletes and technologists coming together as a creative catalyst to share ideas and learn from one another. Our core belief is that by assembling this diverse group of influencers, GOAT will inspire new and different ways of making positive, transformational change in our world.
We are pleased to announce that GOAT 2012 will take place at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole located at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
If you’re reading this, it most likely means you’ve received an invitation to attend GOAT 2012 in Jackson Hole.
Click here to RSVP. Space is extremely limited.
Be sure to visit the About GOAT page for additional information.

What is GOAT?

GOAT stands for: Gathering of Artists, Athletes and Technologists.
GOAT is about bringing together a select group of people from different industries with different perspectives and different spheres of influence; people who don’t normally get a chance to hang out with each other, share ideas and brainstorm new collaborations.
GOAT is about making a difference in the world by serving as a creative catalyst for people who are capable of making big impacts within their communities.

Who’s coming?

We’ve invited a very select group of influential, entrepreneurial and socially conscious athletes, artists and technologists to join us for GOAT this year.
Invitations have been sent to:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Film makers
  • Musicians
  • Technologists
  • Software execs
  • Investors
  • Brand managers
  • Pro athletes
GOAT activities will be based at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole at the base of Teton Village at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Giving back:

GOAT is not solely about a group of influential people getting together for a few days of fun and conversation. It is about creating outcomes that achieve positive, measurable change in the world.
In an effort to give back to Jackson Hole’s local community, GOAT will be donating 100% of its profit this year to Vertical Harvest.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To discuss how your company can become involved as a sponsor of GOAT 2012 please contact alex@goodchemistry.com.


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